To the nosey person reading this:

In this present time, my life is pretty great… Have an apartment, a car, beautiful cats, and a wonderful man. However, it took a lot of time and effort to get here… It wasn’t easy dealing with a bi-polar/multi-personality mother, step fathers, divorced grandparents, experimenting with drugs because I didn’t have anything else better to do with my time, troublesome boyfriends, and the list goes on…

Time clock

I guess the best way to write these blogs are to tell you about my present day life and have flashbacks to all the horrors I have gone through in my short amount of time (Before you think about it, no I am not some 13 year thinking their life was so awful, pity me… I am over 18 and do not want nor need your pity. I am writing these blogs because reading helped me… and while reading, I used to try to find other people in similar situations.

So drop me some comments about where I should start (having a moment of writers block):

1- It all started with “tickling me”

2- My adventurous with bud including soda cans, and Pringles cans hidden around the house

3- The first arrest in middle school

4- The blind, gold digging mother


Thank you for taking your time to read, follow my blog to stay updated on this thing I call “life”!



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