How did I end up here?

Trippin eyes

I am always asking myself…How did I get here? How have I survived my crazy, screwed up life thus far? And then I often find myself saying “I really don’t know”.

I have been through a lot… Yes, cliche as that sounds… But I really have in my short existence. I have been through an abusive family, divorces, deaths, school, disappointed parents, breakups, drugs, jobs, and the list goes on.

Why am I blogging? That’s a great question… One because I’m bored- go figure… Two is because I often find myself online reading other young writer’s blogs and their life story… Quite frankly, there aren’t too many interesting ones.

Here is my disclosure regarding this blog: names will be changed of those used in my posts. Nothing that I type will be fiction, this blog will contain nothing but real events and thoughts. Now, if you are a fucked up young teenager/adult, then join me on my life adventures. If you’re some rude prick who doesn’t like vulgar language and vivid details, see ya!


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